What is a cruise?

A cruise is a different way to spend your holiday!

It is that feeling where the joy of travel is raised to the next level.

Do you remember those moments in life when such beautiful things happened to you that you will never forget?
Well, it is the same with a cruise vacation. You need such moments in your life!

A cruise is a fantastic way to travel as you have all the means to spend quality time on board the huge ship while it sails between destinations. You pack your bags once and you start the extraordinary journey where you have the chance to see a new location every day.
You will have the comfort and many available activities on board the huge ship that is comparable to a floating resort:

✔ Accommodation
✔ 3 meals a day

Access to all the ship's public areas:
✔ Pools and Jacuzzis,
✔ Bars and Lounges,
Jogging track,
✔ Basketball court,
✔ Thathre,
✔ Gym,
✔ Casino,
✔ Disco,
✔ Playground for childrens, etc.


And if we are talking about the fare, did you know that the average cruise fare is of 60 euro/usd per person per day?

In other words you can get a one week cruise for just a few hundred of euro/usd per person.

Of course the price always tends to go higher in high season and will drop down in the end of the season. There are also deluxe alternatives or a considerably higher price but this is a different story.

You will perhaps think also about the seasick, you should not!

Imagine that these huge cruise ships are like a floating resort.
Some of them are so big that they may have up to 400 meters (1312 ft) in length, 20 floors (decks) and can accomodate up to 10.000 passengers.

These giants heavy of up to 250.000 GT are like mountains in the water and you might not even realise you are on sailing or on water unless you take a look outside and you will see how your ship is slowly movin towards the next destination.

Most of the time if will feel that you are ashore, on a hotel's balcony that belong to a luxury resort, located on a beach and you relax looking at the beautiful landscape in front of you. Can you imagine how beautiful? A floating resort moving from one place to another?

Safety on board cruise ships

The technological development of the last decades, the improvement of the materials resistance, of the monitoring systems or of the security and intervention capabilities, have made the cruise ships indestructible in front of the most risks.

All cruise ships are equiped with medical centers but this is not everything.

Every moment the GPS and Communications systems are monitoring the position and the technical status of every ship and any moment the intervention teams are ready to launch operations by air or sea to come in the aid of passengers in case they require medical care or rapid transportation to medical centers ashore.

What makes a cruise different?

Compared to a classical travel experience, a cruise provide many other advantages. Whether you desire an exotic holiday or a cultural or historical expedition, a cruise will get you trough your desired destinations, without having to care about transportation, accomodation or eating places in your way.

You can visit in a one week cruise up to 6 new fantasic locations while having all the time at your service all the ship's on board facilities.

In every moment of the day, this floating resort will be at your service to be fully exploited!

Usually, the cruise ships sail at night so that during daytime they are docked ashore.

So, when the ship is docked ashore you may debark or embark for as many times as you want. For instance you may debark in the morning for a short walk and you may return to the ship for lunch. If the ship is still ashore and will remain for enough hours, you may debark for another walk. You may go out or return for any reason, whether because you forgot something in the cabin, you want to change your clothes, have shower, sleep or eat.

A cruise is an experience that transform a simple journey into a deluxe holiday, not only because the many distinations within the same cruise but also because activities on board and crew hospitality, always ready to answer all your needs.

You will literally feel pampered and feel in any moment that there is somebody to take care of you so that you are no longer care about anything but to fully enjoy your free time.

Have you ever experienced those ugly moments of a holiday where all kind of unpleasant situations appear like:

  • you are on the way with your personal car, you are tired after the many hours spend in the car, you are not yet at the destination and you don't find a suitable parking place or hotel? or
  • you finally reach your destination but you are so tired because the long way you traveled that you no longer want to enjoy the rest of the day? or
  • you reached your destination but you are disoriented regarding where do you find a good restaurant or what activity options are available, or what to do on a bad rainy weather?

Lets not talk about the feeling of traveling multiple destinations in this manner.

There are many tourists that from the desire of seeing as many places as possible within the same holiday they try to organise themseves, moving with their personal car from one place to another, from one hotel to another, etc.
Well ... when you still have time and energy for relaxation?

All those problems are gone on a cruise holiday!

Everything is ogranised with mathematical precision so that you always have something to do to joyfully spend your time and charge you with energy!

You can travel by cruise the entire world.

In America the most popular destination is the Caribbean while in Europe, the Mediterranean Sea, the Baltics and Canary Islands. There are also cruises in Middle East, Asia, Africa, Australia, the Pacific or around the World.

Every cruise will provide you an itinerary with multiple stops and the chance to visit daily a new place.

Lets not forget that you only have to pack you bags once because the "hotel" travel with you.

Everyday spent on board will be filled with a diversity of entertaining activities.

Every moment spent ashore will  provide fascinating excurions and the chance to see unforgetable places.

Nothing compares to the feeling you live when you sit on the outside deck, in the middle of the sea and feel the salty breeze while you see how the waves crush into the ship's hull. It is the feeling of supreme freedom.

All these while in safety conditions with all precautions in place. Before the ship start to sail you will be invited to participate on a short presentation with instructions about life jackets and tender boats.