How to book a cruise?

If you already identified the right cruise deal, the next step is to contact us to check the availability of it.

If you are not able to find it yourself, just send us some basic requirements (departure period, duration, destination and number of passengers) and we'll share with you our best recommendations.

After we've determined the best option we can proceed to booking.

You will receive by email the booking details together with the invoice and a link to the credit card - payment section.

For bookings made with more than one month prior departure, you may choose to pay as like this:

  • a deposit of 30% - 50% (depending on the cruise line) at the moment of booking and
  • the remaining payment with 30-60 days prior departure (depending on the cruise line).

For booking made with less than one month before departure - you have to pay in full.

The information you will have to provide us:

For the booking:


  • passenger details (full names with birthday)


For the invoice:

  • client details (person or company).

For the ticket:

  • detailed passenger details (it is not mandatory that you provide them at the moment of booking, you may send them at a later time but not later than 15 days prior departure)


This is only a short resume, you will receive complete instructions at the moment of booking.