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Frequently Asked Questions

    A cruise is a different way to spend your vacation! It is that feeling where the joy of travel is raised to the next level. Do you remember those moments in life when such beautiful things happened to you that you will never forget? Well, it is the same with a cruise vacation. You need such moments in your life! see more details

    You can visit any part of the world with an opening to the sea. Wherever there is sea there are cruises. Most of the cruises are of a one week lenght with almost daily stops but there are also shorter cruises or longer that sail for weeks or even months covering one or more continents. No matter what destination you choose, we have the right cruise for you!

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    It is good to be known that in any part of the world there are moments when there is high season, season or no season at all. For instance in Southern Europe (Mediterranean Sea) the warmest weather and the high season is from June to September. Outside these months there is still season and good weather but not good enough anymore for beach and swimming in the sea. The winter months of Southern Europe (December to February) have a colder weather but there are still some cruise options, however if you want to escape in a hot destination during this period you can choose the Caribbean, South America, Australia, Asia or Middle East.
    Check here when it is season for any destination

    Did you ever wondered about how does a cruise vacation look like but no one told you? We will tell you! The cruise ships are not just a transportation vehicle but huge constructions which provide a wide variety of facilities. You can compare them to a floating travel resort. So if you want to spend more time on board you will find all the means to fill your time, from pools, restaurants, bars, gyms to theatre or casino, there is a whole world on board. All these always at your service. But if instead the ship is anchored ashore in any of the ports of call, you can choose to debark and spend more time ashore. A cruise day is like a vacation day in a resort just that in the cruise you are every day in a different location!

    Some would believe cruises are expensive. The truth is they are as expensive as any clasic vacation with rates that may start for as little as 30 euro or usd per person per day. Of course the price always tends to higher on high season and will drop down on end of the season. There are also more deluxe alternatives but this is a different story.  Anyway, no matter how cheap or expensive your cruise will be is worth to mention that that in the paid price you have everything included while you are on board, accommodation, 3 meals per day and access to all the ship's facilities and a nice itinerary for a new experience every day.

    If you want to go on a cruise you must also consider the distance from your home city to the embarkation or debarkation port. If the embarkation place is the same with the debarkation one, and it is not too far from your home city, you may choose to reach it by car. There is always a parking spot in any cruise port. However most consider a flight as the best option, especially on longer distances. From the airport, there is always at least one transfer option to the cruise terminal, either by bus, train, metro or taxi. 

    Very unlikely. Because the big dimensions and advanced balancing systems, these huge constructions are hard to be moved by waves or sea currents. Only in extreme weather conditions you will feel a slight pitchdar but usually this is avoided by deviation from the route as passenger's comfort is always a priority. So, most probabily you will feel nothing, you will not even realise your are on the sea unless you look outside and see it.

    Sure, you have 3meals per day included in the cruise rate as well as a selection of non-alcoholic drinks that can be consumed at the buffet restaurants. Some cruise lines may include a package of unlimited alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks, on specific cabin categories or promotions.

    You can consider the cruise ship as a hotel that is always with you. So, when the ship is anchored ashore you may debark or embark for as many times as you want. For instance you may debark in the morning for a short walk and you may return on ship for lunch. If the ship is still ashore and will remain for enough hours, you may debark for another walk. You may go out or return for any reason, whether because you forgot something in the cabin, you want to change your clothes, have shower, sleep or eat. However you must always make sure you always come back to the ship on time, preferable with at least 30 minutes before the ship's departure.

    Like in a hotel, the ships have have also more type of cabins. Usually the main difference is the position on the deck. There are cabins on the side of the deck so they have a porthole, window or balcony with an outside view. There are also cabins in the middle of the deck which do not have a window, if it would, you would see the inside hall. There are also difference between cabins from the dimension point of view, where some are larger or even suites made up from more rooms.

    You will find everything you ever imagined to fill in your holiday time. Restaurants, swimming pools, jacuzzis, gyms, bars and lounges, casinos, theaters, cinema, beauty salons, spa's, playrooms for kids, medical center, etc.

    The booking system may sometime provide the chance to book on a cheaper rate with the condition that we are alowed to select the cabin category but not the cabin number. They are called guarantee because the category is guaranteed. and you will know you cabin number when the ticket is issued. However there is also a disadvantage that you may receive a cabin on the lower decks or closer to noise areas like restaurants, discos etc. The advantage is that you book at a cheaper rate and occasionally you might even get an upgrade (from inside to outside or from outside to balcony cabin).

    The cruise price is always made up out of 2 comonents, cabin occupation and port taxes. The cabin occupation is as per your choosed cabin category while the port taxes are fixed no matter what category you choose. You combine those 2 and you have the total for one person. However it is good to know that this only apply if you book a double cabin (for 2 persons). If you book a triple or quadruple cabin (for 3 or 4 persons) the cabin occupation will be lower for the 3th or 4th guest. And if you want to book a single cabin (for 1 person only) you might have to pay an extra tax called single supplement which will increase the cabin occupation to 50 or 100%. It is also worth to mention that kids travelling with at leas 2 adults most of the time do not pay the cabin's occupation or pay a very small one.

    Usually childrens below 18 years old traveling with at least 2 adults in the cabin, will pay a much smaller cabin occupation rate and if they are very young, they don't pay an occupation at all. However childrens traveling with only one adult in the cabin is considered an adult from the rate point of view and has to pay te full price.

    It is worth mentioning that the cruise price do not include transportation to the embarkation port unless is specifically mentioned. So, as a general rule the transportation to the embarkation is a separate service. You might book a flight by yourself or request this service to us and we will take care of the entire package (cruise, flight, hotel, transfers etc.).

    In most of the cases the drinks are not included, except those available at the buffet restaurants (water, tea, coffe, milk or some juices). In all other restaurants (à la carte), bars or lounges, drinks have to be paid as per the price displayed in the menu. However you might buy an unlimited drinks package. Some cruise lines may include an unlimited alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks package on specific cabin categories or promotions.

    As per the legislation of the visited countries in accordance with your citizenship, you might need to have with you your id, passport and in some cases also a visa. For instance if you are an EU citizen traveling within the EU you may travel only with your ID, if you travel to EU + Russia (the Baltics), you will need your passport.

    We usually issue the cruise ticket with aproximately 7 - 14 days before the embarkation day. In same cases we are able to provide you the ticket earlier, in just a few days after the full payement was made.

    At embarkation you will have to show your travel document (id or passport and if required a visa also) and the cruise ticket. You can also show your ticket digitally from your phone. If by any reasons you lost your ticket, do not worry, you are anyway registered into the cruis line's database and the check-in agent will identify and provide you the cruise card.

    All on board payments are made with the cruise card. This is a card that your receive before embarkation (at the check-in) and has attached an account for on board payments. So, all payments will be charged from this account which must be settled before the end of cruise. This card is also the key to your cabin or outside or inside the ship.

    Sure, you may cancel your booking at any moment and for any reason. However it is worth mentioning that a cancellation is not free of charge. Every cruise line has its own cancellation policy and require a cancellation fee that is calculated according to the time between the cancellation day and the embarkation day. So the shorter this time is, the higher the fee. Check the exact cancellation fee for any cruise line

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