Facilities and life on board


A cruise cabin is not much different than a hotel room.
All cruise ships are equiped with hundreds of cabins with long corridors just as in a big hotel. They are spacious enough, and well configured providing clothes storage space, safe, telephone, TV, mini-bar, hair dryer, air conditioning and individual bathroom.
In the booking process you will firsly choose the cabin type you prefer (inside, outside, with balcony etc.)


Taste the quality every day at breakfast, lunch or dinner in any of the main restaurants on board.

There are always 2 options to serve your meal:
1.    buffet restaurants (with self-service) or
2.    a la carte restaurants (with menu)

The buffet restaurants are suitable for when you want to serve a meal in rush without caring about your outfit (for instance you come from the pool area dressed in a bathing suit and want to grab a fast plate and then return to the pool).

A la carte restaurants are instead suitable for those moments when you desire to serve your meal in a more intimate and elegant enviroment and of course with the comfort of being served by a waiter.
You will have your own table reserved everyday which will have a number communicated at embarkation, on cruise ticket or written on your cruise card.

Even though these restaurants are quite large (sometimes even on two floors) there is not enough space on many ships to serve all passengers at the same time and for this reason dinner is served in two stages (seating):

-    the first usually start at 6 PM
-    the second usually start at 8 PM.

What meals are included in the cruise fare?
You will have breakfast, launch or dinner that can be served in the main restaurants included in the cruise fare.
There is also a different category of restaurants, called specialty restaurants where the meals are paid separatelyYou will be able to distinguish between the main restaurants and the specialty restaurants from the information displayed on the leaflet that you receive daily in the cabin.

What drinks are included in the cruise fare?
At buffet restaurants you will find cold or hot water, tea, coffe, milk or some juces.

In all other public places (a la carte restaurants, bars or lounges) drinks are not included and must be paid reparately.

Bars and Lounges

You will find anytime a bar or a lounge of your prefference to relax and enjoy your favourite drink. The larger the cruise ship, the greater the variety of bars and lounges available on board.

Note: You can pay separately for each drink you consume or you can purchase unlimited beverage packages.

Pools and Jacuzzis

Each cruise ship is equipped with at least one outdoor pool and a jacuzzi. But most have several pools and jacuzzis available both outside (on the last deck) and inside (covered and located on the lower decks).
Note: access to the sun loungers, swimming pools or jacuzzis area is free.


Throughout the day there are several activities and public spaces for entertainment.

For example, during the day there are water or sports games, dancing or cooking lessons, etc.
In the evening there are open lounges with live music, theathre, casino, disco, etc.

Nota: access to all these spaces is free, you only pay what you order.

Spa, Relaxation and Sports

Each cruise ship is equipped with spa rooms that offer a wide range of massage and relaxation services.
Also, each cruise ship has at least one gym and one sauna.

Nota: access to the gym and sauna is usually free while spa services are paid separately.
More details and price list in the flyers available on board.

Shopping on board

You will find different type of shops on board, with clothes, cosmetics, souvenirs, drinks, etc.

Other facilities

All ships have clothes, laundry and ironing services, internet rooms and medical facilities.

Note: these services are paid separately, except for emergency and first aid medical situations.
The ship's reception is open 24 hours a day.