First day of your cruise, embarkation and debarkation

The check-in and first day of your cruise

Once arrived in the cruise port you must head to the cruise terminal.  Here you will find the check-in desks and a place where you will drop your luggage.

The check-in the process where you are identified upon showing your ticket and travel documents (ID or Passport) and receive your cruise card which will serve as your acces key to the ship or your cabin.

Your luggage will be picked up from the passenger terminal and transported to the cabin by cruise line staff.

After the check-in you can head to the ship's acces gate.

Once on the ship, you will discover the amazing life on board, relax and enjoy your holiday time.

Next cruise days

Embarking or disembarking the ship is like entering or exiting a hotel.
You can imagine the cruise ship as a floating resort anchored ashore. You may get out of it and come back for as many times as you want.

At every entrance and exit you will be required to show your cruise card.

Last cruise day

This is the saddest day! you will have to pack your luggage and drop it in front of your cabin to be picked up by the crew after midnight. You will find them back next day in the cruise terminal (they will be labeled and grouped by the label's colour to be easy to find).

In the morning before debarkation you will have time to enjoy your last breakfast included in your cruise fare.