How NOT to Miss Your Desired Cruise in 2024?

This year, for the summer of 2023, we faced a major challenge: massive demands for cruises in the Western Mediterranean, especially for the cruise lines MSC Cruises and Costa Cruises.

We were delighted to see so many cruise enthusiasts, but we noticed that many of them encountered a common problem: unavailability.

Does this sound familiar to you?

Did you want an interior cabin, only to find out the only option left was one with a balcony? Or perhaps you wanted to travel with your family or a group of friends and couldn't find triple or quadruple cabins? Let us explain why this happens.

Cabin Diversity and Popularity

On cruise ships, there are generally three types of cabins:

  • Interior (without a window, more economical)
  • Exterior with window (providing a view but without a balcony)
  • Exterior with balcony (more expensive, but with a splendid view)

And they can be:

  • Double (accommodating 2 people, usually with a double bed)
  • Triple (for 3 people, with a double bed and either a pull-out sofa or a bunk bed)
  • Quadruple (for 4 people, combining double beds with pull-out sofas or bunk beds)

Which cabins are the first to be booked?

Triple and quadruple cabins are the first to be booked. Why? Simple! Many families with children or groups of friends choose to travel together, and these cabins are perfect for them, yet cruise ships weren't built with a large number of triple or quadruple cabins. The percentage of double cabins will always be higher than that of triples or quadruples.

Interior and exterior cabins are also in high demand because they are more financially accessible.

What does all this mean for you?

If you're dreaming of a cruise next year, booking it in advance is the answer! The sooner you decide, the better your chances of reserving the cabin you want at a good price, without compromising on the desired comfort and experience.


Prepare in advance for 2024!

We know there's nothing more disappointing than not finding the perfect spot for you and your loved ones. That's why we invite you to take advantage of our special offers for next year.