, among the winners of MSC Cruises awards in the field of cruise tourism.

On May 4th, 2023, MSC Seaview hosted an awards ceremony that rewarded cruise tourism agencies from Romania and abroad for their efforts in delivering the best services to their clients.

Among the award winners were, along with other colleagues in the industry from Romania and abroad. was recognized for its excellent performance and significant contribution to the success of MSC Cruises. During the ceremony, Angelo Capurro, the Executive Director of MSC Cruises, emphasized the importance of the partnership with cruise tourism agencies, stating that "our partners are essential to our success, and we are grateful for the close collaboration with agencies in Romania and around the world."

The ceremony was welcomed with enthusiasm by the employees and representatives of the awarded agencies, who had the opportunity to participate in the event. Capurro emphasized that the company's success is largely due to its partnership with cruise tourism agencies and highlighted that " and the other awarded agencies represent this partnership perfectly."

In conclusion, the awards ceremony on MSC Seaview was an important moment for us, emphasizing the importance of strong relationships between MSC Cruises and its partners, rewarding their efforts to provide excellent services.